Why is NetDesk the right Platform for Video Conferencing?

Looking for a disruption-free video conferencing platform? Your wait ends here. With the purpose of security, we are launching three plans that you can avail of to fulfill your E-Meet needs. Also, we offer a free-trial period so that you can test it by yourself. Want to know more?

In this pandemic, the importance of video conferencing is increasing. People avert to organize meetings online, but as the situation demands, people start organizing meetings via video calls. Meeting plays an important part because it helps you to clearly communicate with employees or clients. 

We Provide the following benefits if you chose to select NetDesk:

No Disruptions

Video conferencing is not just limited to face to face calls, but it provides many more features like screen sharing, chats, event live streaming, and meeting recording. These things add more value to the meeting agenda and reduce redundancy of any kind. 

E-Platform for Meetings and Work

Even with a lot of physical difference between a company and employees, they can connect easily and maintain human connections. When you make decisions together as a team via video meetings, your decisions will be more accurate and quick instead of one person calling individual members of the team and asking for their opinions. 

Best Security

The one thing that most corporates fear is the actual statements can be tempered. So, with the help of video meetings, you can clearly communicate the message to the employees. With your expressions and explanation, you can easily communicate what you want. The message got delivered clearly and directly to the responsible employees for the task. 

Flexible Platform

The organization can control the meeting. This means the host of the meeting can control everything like, mute mics of others, ask for turn off video cameras, who are allowed to attend the meeting, and if someone misbehaves they can remove those participants. So, the managing power resides in a few hands that facilitates easy management of video conferencing.

The current situation demands people to work from home. Many corporations are giving availability of work from home because they care about their staff. This blog is especially for the corporations that put their employees and customers safety on top. 

We are launching a video calling platform so that you can instantly connect with the employees even with miles of distance. 

Netdesk is the appropriate platform because it provides the best video quality without compromising the audio. You can organize a meeting with 1000 people at once. Yes, you heard us right. 1,000 participants at one time. So, whether you are a large corporation or small, we are a perfect fit for you. If you are still not convinced, then need not worry, have a glance at our features:

Conference Rooms

You can build collaboration enabled conference rooms. Assign daily tasks and get daily reports via video conferencing. Keep a tab on your employee and let them know that you are available for a face-to-face(via screen) meeting in the virtual conference room.

Online Meetings

You can organize meetings and training. Select the plan from Start-Up, Business, and Enterprise based on the number of participants you want. 


What does a meeting include? Ppts, files, and people. You can connect via video conferencing, but what about files and ppts? Or what if someone wants to ask something? Need not worry, because we also provide features of chats and file transfer while video meetings. 

Our Video Conferencing platform serves the following purposes:

Financial Services

You can save time and cost using our online video conferencing. Saving is crucial at this point, and therefore, we provide prime features at reduced costs. 


With our platform, you can consult an online doctor immediately. No buffering or poor sound quality. Get prescriptions and see a doctor(via video meeting) to keep yourself safe.


The teachers or schools can organize classes and training sessions at affordable prices. Knowledge sharing should not stop even if there is a pandemic because that’s what helps us to survive.

Use NetDesk to organize webinars, impart knowledge, generate leads, support customers, and teams. You can connect from any corner to any corner. To sign-up for free, click here to register. 

Enhance your experience with us

We know people avert to connect via video conferencing due to fear of pixels distortion and poor audio quality. They fear the technical disruptions. We understand your aversion and brought a solution to your desktop or mobile. Organize a disruption-free meeting with our high-quality platform. We assure you that we’ll catch you even with a slow network. So, do not hesitate and join us with a simple and free sign up. If you need any help, then feel free to contact us. 

Why Trust Us?

  • We provide a reliable and direct platform for video meetings.
  • Up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers can join at one time. 
  • It’s easy to use. A beginner can use it with ease. 
  • Affordable prices and top-class quality.
  • Start a meeting with just one click.

NetDesk provides various plans according to your need, and we will be happy to help you out during this crucial situation. Try our new platform to explore advanced features and communicate freely and clearly. In case of any confusion, feel free to contact us 24*7.