Simple, Disruption-Free Meetings on NetDesk

Good News! NetDesk advanced its meeting rooms. Now, enjoy Hd Quality with awesome sound quality. Select a plan and pricing based on your requirements. These plans keep in mind the urgent need for virtual meeting platforms. Prizes are affordable, and the features are a must to use. So, For organizing a disruption-free meeting, select a plan from start-up, business, or enterprise packages. You can always switch from one plan to another plan after paying the margin amount. 

Our features of the meeting provide the following things: 

Online Meetings

You can organize meetings and training. Select the plan from Start-Up, Business, and Enterprise based on the number of participants you want. 

Conference Rooms

You can build collaboration enabled conference rooms. Assign daily tasks and get daily reports via video conferencing. Keep a tab on your employee and let them know that you are available for a face-to-face(via screen) meeting in the virtual conference room.


What does a meeting include? Ppts, files, and people. You can connect via video conferencing, but what about files and ppts? Or what if someone wants to ask something? Need not worry, because we also provide features of chats and file transfer, while video meetings. 

Also, for the security and database purpose, we allow the features of recording the meeting. So, what are you waiting for? Start organizing a meeting, and get the work started. 

From healthcare to education, you can organize meetings in any sector. Here’s a look at how?

Online Teaching Platform

Star with new learning methods

Enhancing the learning method is essential. That’s why we launched new features to learn quickly and effectively. Improve class management by making changes in settings. You can give a spotlight to the person or group of people presenting on a topic. You can customize the gallery view and pin the multi-users at one time. At one time, more than 9 people can be pinned. Also, disable persons can record the class after taking the teacher’s permission. This will enhance their learning, and they can learn at their pace. The teacher can also customize spotlight settings. Whoever participants they put in the spotlight will be visible to the entire class. 

Establish control

The teacher can request students to unmute their mic so that the teacher can give lessons without disruptions. However, participants can control their mic, but in the case of the following scenarios, the teacher can control participants mic:

  • Kids who are under 5 or 8 who do not know how to operate their settings.
  • Participants who are disabled or suffering from any other problem can allow the teacher to operate their mic.
  • Classes that require distance from the screen like dancing class or music class. 

For maintaining privacy, the participants have to opt-in for providing control to the teacher. After accessing the request, the teacher can control and maintain authenticity. However, the students can revoke this permission any time between the meeting. 

Allow flexibility

With NetDesk, students can disallow the camera to avoid causing disruptions. If in any case, there is noise around the student’s place or there is someone around their screens for any emergency cause, they can turn off the camera or mute their mics to follow the discipline. 

The students can even avail of the option of a breakout room and switch between rooms. 

The teacher can use advanced audio and use professional music mode to make the class engaging. 

Virtual Healthcare Platform

Remote work is becoming a new normal. In fact, it is feasible in the healthcare sector as well. How? In this article, Netdesk will tell you how you can effectively allow staff to work remotely without hampering the quality work. It will boost the safety standards, and you can safely tackle this pandemic. Due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, the healthcare sector is on the verge of getting negatively affected. The least we can do is operate safely. And it is possible. With the NetDesk Video Conferencing Platform, the healthcare sector can allow it’s non-clinical workers to operate remotely. 

It is true that the last 6 months totally changed our way of working, i.e. How we operate business work in a team. To complete a certain work, we need people, and we have to instruct them. Earlier we used to gather under the same roof and organize meetings to discuss the goal and the steps to be followed, but now it is quite difficult keeping the pandemic and social distancing in mind. The virus caused the workforce to stay at home for safety purposes, and the companies resort to a solution that is to work from home. The fact is, when we think of work from home in the healthcare sector, it is difficult for us to imagine that. A doctor needs to present physically to attend a patient, right? So, in the case of the Healthcare sector, how can we successfully furnish the remote work?

NetDesk provides various plans according to your need, and we will be happy to help you out during this crucial situation. Try our new platform to explore advanced features and communicate freely and clearly. In case of any confusion, feel free to contact us 24*7.