Remote Work in Healthcare is Possible

Remote work is becoming a new normal. In fact, it is feasible in the healthcare sector as well. How? In this article, Netdesk will tell you how you can effectively allow staff to work remotely without hampering the quality work. It will boost the safety standards, and you can safely tackle this pandemic. There are negative impact of COVID-19 in the healthcare sector, not on the revenue, but on the staff health. The least we can do is operate safely. And it is possible. With the NetDesk Video Conferencing Platform, the healthcare sector can allow it’s non-clinical workers to operate remotely. 

It is true that the last 6 months totally changed our way of working, i.e. How we operate business work in a team. To complete a certain work, we need people, and we have to instruct them. Earlier we used to gather under the same roof and organize meetings to discuss the goal and the steps to be followed, but now it is quite difficult keeping the pandemic and social distancing in mind.

Modern Way to Consult Patients.

The virus caused the workforce to stay at home for safety purposes, and the companies resort to a solution that is to work from home. The fact is, when we think of work from home in the healthcare sector, it is difficult for us to imagine that. A doctor needs to present physically to attend a patient, right? So, in the case of the Healthcare sector, how can we successfully furnish the remote work?

Think Hard and Creatively!

What we can do is at least provide an option of work from home to the non-clinical staff. It will result in fewer people in the hospital or clinics. Obviously, they cannot go completely virtual, but we need to adopt virtual platforms for the things that we can handle simply with video conferencing platform. Here, Netdesk comes into the picture. We provide the best infrastructure for any sector to work effectively without compromising anything.

Sound Quality – 5-Star

Picture Quality – 5-Star

Disruptions – Zero

Manageable – Easy to control and use

We provide the best world-class features. Have a look at why you should choose NetDesk as your Video Conferencing Platform:

  • We provide a reliable and direct platform for video meetings.
  • Up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers can join at one time. 
  • It’s easy to use. A beginner can use it with ease. 
  • Affordable prices and top-class quality.
  • Start a meeting with just one click.

With our platform, you can consult an online doctor immediately. No buffering or poor sound quality. Get prescriptions and see a doctor(via video meeting) to keep yourself safe.

Therefore, you can set up your virtual clinic or hospital at NetDesk. 

We know people avert to connect via video conferencing due to fear of pixels distortion and poor audio quality. They fear the technical disruptions. We understand your aversion and brought a solution to your desktop or mobile. Organize a disruption-free meeting with our high-quality platform. We assure you that we’ll catch you even with a slow network. So, do not hesitate and join us with a simple and free sign up. If you need any help, then feel free to contact us. 

With our disruption-free platform, you can render services to the patients and consult them according to their conditions. This will help in both maintaining a lesser workforce at physical office and staff safety. 

Flexible Platform

Apart from Patient-Doctor virtual meet, many other important aspects need to be done and operated with the help of non-clinical staff. Any organization whether it’s in the healthcare sector or not needs to organize many meetings to discuss matters because it is run by people and people need to be up-to-date regarding any new information. Therefore, with our platform, you can safely organize meetings. 

The best part is that a host can control the meeting. This means the host of the meeting can control everything like, mute mics of others, ask to turn off video cameras of the team, who are allowed to attend the meeting or not, and if someone misbehaves they can remove those participants. So, the managing power resides in a few hands that facilitates easy management of video conferencing.

Again, Communication reliability is something that every business thrives for and willingly-unwillingly, it plays one of the most important parts in the healthcare sector. 

The one thing that most corporates fear is the actual statements can be tempered. So, with the help of video meetings, you can clearly communicate the message to the employees. With your expressions and explanation, you can easily communicate what you want. The message got delivered clearly and directly to the responsible employees for the task. 

Start Now!

The current situation demands people to work from home. Many corporations are giving availability of work from home because they care about their staff. This blog is especially for the corporations that put their employees and customers safety on top. 

We are launching a video calling platform so that you can instantly connect with the employees even with miles of distance. 

If Possible, Attend Patients Virtually

Netdesk is the appropriate platform because it provides the best video quality without compromising the audio. You can organize a meeting with 1000 people at once. Yes, you heard us right. 1,000 participants at one time. So, whether you are a large corporation or small, we are a perfect fit for you.

NetDesk provides various plans according to your need, and we will be happy to help you out during this crucial situation. Try our new platform to explore advanced features and communicate freely and clearly. In case of any confusion, feel free to contact us 24*7.