How to effectively organize an online class?

Want to take the coaching from the world’s best Institute, but the distance is too much? Need not worry! We have a solution for you. Netdesk. Whether you want to take classes from another corner of the world or just not feeling well for being physically present in the classroom? Try Online class with our best video conferencing platform. We ensure the best virtual quality to deliver the lesson disruption-free. 

Also, due to the unavoidable pandemic, the schools and coaching centers are shut down for the safety of people. We do not know when things will recover, and till then, we cannot stop learning. Imparting education must go on. The current situation has grown confidence among all those things that can be accomplished easily via online platforms. We can save plenty of time and effort just by using online platforms. So, let us start acting wisely and utilize this opportunity. 

Secure Classrooms on NetDesk

When you do anything online, the first thing that pops up in our head is security. Similarly, whenever a student attends an online class, or a teacher organizes an online class, the first thing that occurs in both party’s minds is data confidentiality. NetDesk provides a few tips to ensure classroom security:

  • Set the meeting controls before letting anyone in or start the meeting.
  • Let only those people who are supposed to participate. Do not entertain students with weird names set for pranks.
  • Create a setting that won’t let in people before the host joins it. 
  • Set a meeting passcode to let participants in with that passcode only. 
  • Disable the screen sharing of students. The teacher can, later on, permit it if required. 

Star with new learning methods

Enhancing the learning method is essential. That’s why we launched new features to learn quickly and effectively. Improve class management by making changes in settings. You can give a spotlight to the person or group of people presenting on a topic. You can customize the gallery view and pin the multi-users at one time. At one time, more than 9 people can be pinned. Also, disable persons can record the class after taking the teacher’s permission. This will enhance their learning, and they can learn at their pace. The teacher can also customize spotlight settings. Whoever participants they put in the spotlight will be visible to the entire class. 

Establish control

The teacher can request students to unmute their mic so that the teacher can give lessons without disruptions. However, participants can control their mic, but in the case of the following scenarios, the teacher can control participants mic:

  • Kids who are under 5 or 8 who does not know how to operate their settings.
  • Participants who are disabled or suffering from any other problem can allow the teacher to operate their mic.
  • Classes that require distance from the screen like dancing class or music class. 

For maintaining privacy, the participants have to opt-in for providing control to the teacher. After accessing the request, the teacher can control and maintain authenticity. However, the students can revoke this permission any time between the meeting. 

Organize Online Classes with NetDesk

Allow flexibility

With NetDesk, students can disallow the camera to avoid causing disruptions. If in any case, there is noise around the student’s place or there is someone around their screens for any emergency cause, they can turn off the camera or mute their mics to follow the discipline. 

The students can even avail of the option of a breakout room and switch between rooms. 

The teacher can use advanced audio and use professional music mode to make the class engaging. 

The teachers or schools can organize classes and training sessions at affordable prices. Knowledge sharing should not stop even if there is a pandemic because that’s what helps us to survive.

That’s why teachers can control the meeting. This means the host of the meeting can control everything like, mute mics of others, ask for turn off video cameras, who are allowed to attend the meeting, and if someone misbehaves they can remove those participants. So, the managing power resides in a few hands that facilitates easy management of video conferencing.

What does a class include? Ppts, files, and students. You can connect via video conferencing, but what about files and ppts? Or what if someone wants to ask something? Need not worry, because we also provide features of chats and file transfer while virtual classrooms. 

You will get the following features if you organize online classes with our platform:

  • We provide a reliable and direct platform for online classes.
  • Up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers can join at one time and learn from the teacher. 
  • It’s easy to use. A teacher who does not even acquire how to operate technology can use this platform.
  • Affordable prices and top-class quality so teachers can easily organize the class.
  • Start a class with just one click.

NetDesk provides various plans according to your need, and we will be happy to help you out during this crucial situation. Try our new platform to explore advanced features and communicate freely and clearly. In case of any confusion, feel free to contact us 24*7.